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Chinook lasers are an efficient and clever combination of a ps seeder, a new generation of rod-type fiber, a pulse stretcher and a pulse compressor. These features enable femtosecond pulses and high energy levels for "cold process" applications that require high throughput in industrial environments. Chinook takes advantage of large mode area fiber technology to provide superior beam parameters and stability regardless of the repetition rate. Especially well-suited for high average power applications, Chinook can deliver femtosecond pulses in IR (1030 nm), green (515 nm) and UV (343 nm) in the same package. Chinook is fully compatible with the latest generation of high-speed polygon scanners.


Main Features

  • Femtoseconde pulse width
    • Typ 900 fs at 1030 nm
    • Typ 800 fs at 515 nm
    • <800 fs at 343 nm
  • High power:
    • Up to 50W@2MHz at 1030 nm
    • Up to 25W@2 MHz at 515 nm
    • <800 fs at 343 nm
  • M² < 1,2 over full repetition rate (Typ < 1,1 at 1030 and 515 nm)
  • Repetition rate: from single shot up to 3MHz (1030 and 515 nm). From single shot up to 1MHz (343 nm)
  • Power stability: +/- 2% over 8 hours
  • 24/7 industrial design
  • Synchronization with high speed scanner using polygons mirrors



  1. Surface texturing
  2. Complex layer processing
  3. Thin film ablation
  4. Metal processing / engraving
  5. Sapphire cutting and dicing

 Data Sheet

 IR GR UV Data Sheet

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